• Tha Crossroads

Lets all bring it in for Wally, Eazy, C's Uncle Charlie, Lil' Boo--God's
got em. And I'm gonna miss everybody. I done roll w/it, flows my gang.
Looked him while he lay. While playin w/destiny too deep for me to say.
Lil' Layzie came to me told me if he should decease well then 'please bury
me by my Gran Gran and when you can come follow me.'

God bless you workin on a plan to Heaven follow the Lord all 24/7 days. God
is who we praise even though the devil's all up in my face. But He's keepin
me safe and in my place, say grace to engage the race w/out a chance to
face the judge. Say again, my soul won't budge. Grudge, because theres no
mercy for thugs. Ooh, what can I do? It's all about a family and how we
roll. Can I get a witness? Let it unfold. We living our lives til eternal
our souls.
Hey, and we pray and we pray and we pray, everyday, everyday, everyday.
Now follow me roll, stroll, whether it's Hell or its Heaven. C'mon lets go
pay a visit to the people long gone to rest--Wally, Eazy, Terry, Boo. It's
creepin up on my family. Exactly how many days we got lastin? While you
laughin we passin, passin away.

Now rest y'all souls. Cuz I'm gon meet you up at the Crossroads, y'all
know, you forever got love from them Bone Thugs, baby.

Lil' Eazy's long gone. Really wish he could come home. But when it's time
to die, gotta go bye-bye all a lil' thug could do was cry, cry. Why'd they
kill my dog? Damn, man, I miss my Uncle Charles y'all. And he shouldn't be
gone in front of his home, what they did to Boo was wrong. Oh so wrong.
Gotta hold on. Gotta stay strong. When the day comes better believe Bone
gotta shoulder you can lean on, lean on.

Hey, and we pray and we pray and we pray, everyday everyday everyday
hey, and we pray and we pray and we pray, everyday
See you at tha Crossroads [Crossroads, Crossroads..]
so you won't be lonely
see you at tha Crossroads
so you won't be lonely

Livin in a hateful world, send me straight to Heaven. Thats how we
And I'm asking the good Lord 'why?' and sigh He told me we live to die.

Whats up w/that murda y'all? See my lil' cousin was hung. Somebody really
wrong. Everybody wanna test this dog. And Ms. Sleazy set up Eazy to fall.
Ya know why we sinnin and Krayzie intendin on ending it when it ends.
Murda come again and again and again, now tell me whatcha gon do? Can
somebody, anybody tell me why? Hey can somebody, anybody tell me why we
die, we die? I don't wanna die. Oh so wrong, oh so wrong, so wrong...

See you at tha Crossroads [Crossroads, Crossroads.]
so you wont be lonely


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