• Enjoy yourself

Yes, yes, y'all
Steady playing the wall
Too young to sip
Alcohol at the bar
I'm ready to jet girls
Acting bourgeoise
You ke dar let me
Hold the keys to the car
I'm in front of
The club trying to bag a
Trying too get five of them
Cause the wip seats six
Feeling alright chrome
Looking real tight
Watch the moon light
Bounce off pearl white
Word money, I earn
Money just to burn money
There's 2 types of artist:
Experts and novices
Experts always hit
The markets they target

Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself for me
Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself for me
You gotta enjoy yourself come on

Park side the badest foundation
Ever established
Me and my team bubble
Like alka- seltzer tablets
Don't sleep
When it's time to creep
A little like me
Crawl underneath
It takes a lot more than
Words to move on
And I don't give a P.H.U.K
What you say
Acting all wild unprofessional
Who got beef I knock
The teeth out of your smile
My lyrical lubricant
Keeps the crowd moving
You get booed when your stage
Show needs improvement
So if you want to see A+ the artist
You got to western union Me
A three grand deposit
All these cats out there
Steady kicking garbage
Girls steady saying look
How conceited the god is
You can't harm me
Or stop me
Even on a poor quality
Bootleg cassette copy


Take your time
Make up your mind
The dime pieces love
The diamonds and the shines
Real players
Never fall in love
Stealing my heart is like
Stealing a car with a club
Nevertheless I get
On occasional crush
Say some romantic stuff
That make you wanna blush
Girls in all flavors
No matter what their race is
Rhymes amazing
Making Craig Mack face
Take it back to the lab
And touch three bases
Take my time don't want
To catch no rape cases
Kiss her on the forehead
And say good night
A+ ya'll and
I'm out like three strikes



Thanks a lot to Amélie for these lyrics


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